Calm Night in Galway Docks with Granuaile and Galway Fisher

Galway Docks is a part of the small harbour in the city, connecting the west province of the island of Ireland, Connacht with the world outside. We were lucky this March Tuesday 21st to capture the docks calm water with majestic Granuaile and Galway Fisher docking in the city.

ILV Granuaile | An advanced multifunctional Irish Lights Vessel

Our aids to navigation vessel, ILV Granuaile, delivered in January 2000, was one of the most advanced vessels of its type in the world at the time. It was a prototype for new builds for Trinity House (England & Wales), the Northern Lighthouse Board (Scotland) and the Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) The ILV Granuaile is a multifunctional vessel which can operate in difficult sea conditions.

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Galway, Ireland

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